GMO documentary by WUSTL students

Here is a link to an excellent recently released documentary I was part of on GMOs that includes Sarah Hake, Pam Ronald, Roger Beachy, Peter Raven and others.  It was made by students at Washington University in St. Louis to inform the Chinese people about the utility and safety of genetic modification technology.  Please feel free to share the link to any colleagues, friends or family you think would be interested in hearing an informed perspective.

José joins NAASC

José has recently been elected to NAASC, the North American Arabidopsis Steering committee, along with Elizabeth Haswell from Washington University of St. Louis.  Being part of NAASC provides an opportunity to organize events that promote Arabidopsis research and plant biology in general.  NAASC organizes the ICAR meetings.  The first duty in 2015 was to vote for St. Louis as the host city for the 2017 ICAR meeting!  Meet you in St. Louis!

Make your voice heard on GMOs!

Working with Dan Chitwood, Becky Bart and Rubén Réllan-Álvarez, we have organized a petition to gauge the support of GM technology for crop improvement by scientists and those that support a scientific approach in the development and evaluation of agricultural products.  The petition is in support of the ASPB position statement on GMOs.  We’ve reached over 1,400 signatories.  Join the movement and leave a statement why you think it’s important to support GM technology!